FAQ & Rules

Splash Island
COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols

All Aquatic times must be pre-booked by members & non-members (non-members must be pre-paid *Non-Refundable * Non-Transferrable)
Every member (and some non-members) have an account, just use your regular email address & click “forgot password” to set up online access

– No person shall be permitted access to the facility if they are showing flu-like symptoms of any kind, or have been in contact with anyone confirmed to be infected with Covid -19
– Please review any /all changes to the Province of Manitoba’s Covid-19 health & safety protocols – Link
– All patrons must use the main entrance to access the facility and must stop at the reception window before accessing the pool.
– Patrons are required to line-up outside of the reception area, in the designated waiting area, prior to the booking start time. Signage will indicate the physical distancing requirements and indicate how patrons should be organized.
– Participants will be let into the change rooms area, a maximum of 10 minutes before the start of swimming, and 15 minutes before Aquafit.
– At the end of the aquatic time slot, all participants must leave the pool area, regardless of their entry time.
– The Pool will have a reduced capacity of a maximum of 190 people and each program will have its own maximum capacity.
– Patrons are encouraged to bring a pre-filled water bottle as water fountains will be closed until further notice.
– Food is still permitted in the facility, but please be mindful of the amount of food/items (ie: towels, bags, containers) you bring into the facility. Space is limited.
– Picnic tables will be available, 1 family per table. Do not move the tables, they are currently set to observe the social distancing requirements.
– Any Member/ Patron not complying with the rules will be asked to leave the facility, and their membership may be rescinded or suspended

Fitness Swim
– Members and non-members, will be able to sign up for a 1 hour lap swim block (maximum 1 per day)
– A maximum of 6 swimmers will be permitted per block; 2 swimmers per lane
– Swimmers wishing to use a flutter board may only use the plastic ones, not the foam ones

– Aquafit classes will be capped at 15 participants/class
– Weights and pool noodles will not be used for the time being
– Access to change rooms will be limited, please come as prepared as possible.
– Access will not be granted until 10 mins before your time slot.
– Water fountains / drink machines are not available at this time, please bring a full water bottle if needed.

Public Swim
– Public swim will be capped at 90 people / 3 hour time slots
– Participants are encouraged to bring their own life jackets
– No Masks may be worn in the water
– Access to change rooms will be limited, please come as prepared as possible.
– Access will not be granted until 10 mins before your public swim time slot.
– Water fountains / drink machines are not available at this time, please bring a full water bottle if needed.

Swimming Lessons
– Start times will be staggered to promote social distancing
– All pre-school classes are parented.
– Access to change rooms will be limited, please come as prepared as possible.
– Water fountains / drink machines are not available at this time, please bring a full water bottle if needed.

1. What causes Splash Island to close?
• Weather
• Temperatures below 10C
• Lightning – pool must remain closed for 20 minutes after the last lightning is spotted
• Fouling – Length of closure is dependent on the type and severity of the fouling
2. Is there a concession? Can we bring food in?
• Splash Island operates a small concession serving snack foods ie: chips, pop, ice cream bars and drinks.
Patrons are welcome to bring their own picnic lunches and lawn chairs into the facility. However, we ask that NO glass containers, bbq’s, alcohol or items in a shell (peanuts/sunflower seeds) be brought into the facility. All coolers, strollers and bags will be checked by gate staff prior to entrance.  Lunches need to be eaten away from the pool edge in either the picnic tables in the grassy area or on the pool deck. Please be considerate of your fellow patrons and tidy your area before leaving.
3. Lockers
• Patrons are welcome to bring their own locks for the lockers, or a keyed lock can be purchased at the front for $3.00
4. Can I leave the waterpark and come back later?
• Due to the popularity of the waterpark, Splash Island operates under a no re-entry policy. Patrons are reminded upon entry to have all their items with them as they will not be allowed to return to their vehicle.
• As the facility is non-smoking, exceptions are made for those patrons wanting to smoke. A 15 minute re-entry pass can be ob-tained from the gate attendant, allowing the patron to smoke away from the entrance.
5. Do you have a group discount rate?
• Unfortunately, at this time, a group rate does not exist. However, the family rate can be applied to groups of 2 adults and 3 children.
6. Can we bring in floatables or life jackets?
• Flotation devices (toys with a reasonable dimensions and depending on current pool capacity) and life jackets are permitted. Lifejackets can be rented at the gate.
7. What methods of payment do you accept?
• We are not currently accepting physical payments due to COVID-19, everyone must pre-book online
We accept Cash, Debit, MasterCard and Visa however for credit card use it must exceed $10.00.

Rules & Guide Lines:
• Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by someone 12 years of age (12 to 17 may accompany a max. of 2 children; adults may accompany a max. of 4 children)
• Children 8 years and younger must remain “WITHIN ARMS REACH” of guardian.
• Children 9 and 10 years of age must be ACTIVELY SUPERVISED by a guardian.
• Please shower before entering the pool to remove oils, creams and make up.
• Proper swimming attire is required.
• WALK on deck at all times.
• Diving is not allowed.
• Please stay off of the rocks, fences and center island of the pool.
• If you hear a whistle, please look at the lifeguard, they have something important to tell you.
• Food or beverages are allowed in Splash Island but not within 2 meters of the pools edge. However NO glass containers, shelled nuts or alcohol are permitted.
• No person shall engage in play hazardous to him/herself or others around the pool or facility.
• No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores on his or her body shall enter the water.
• Aqua diapers are required for children ages 3 and under and are available at the admission window at no charge.
• The PRRA is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Lockers in all change rooms are free to use for the day but you must supply your own lock. Locks can also be purchased at the admission window.
• Decision of the Lifeguard is final.
• Flotation devices (toys with reasonable dimensions and will depend on current pool capacity) and life jackets are permitted.  Lifejackets can be rented at the admission window.
• No Re-Entry policy is in place for Splash Island Waterpark.
• PRRA Membership cards are non-transferable and cannot be used by someone other than yourself.
• A Family consists of 5 people from the same physical address. ( 2 Adults & 3 Children under 17 years)

Water Slide Rules:

• Children must be at least 4ft to ride the large waterslides alone.
• Children under the large waterslide height restrictions, may ride in the lap of a parent or adult as long as the child is wearing a life jacket.
• One person on slide at a time.
• Slide feet first, facing forwards only.
• No running start, spinning or equipment permitted on the slide.
• Before sliding, ensure that the person before you as completely cleared the slide.
• Exit slide area immediately after sliding.
• Keep your hands inside the slide at all times.
• Lifejackets are permitted on the Bubble Gum and Splash Attack slides only.

Disciplinary Action:
Lifeguards will operate under a three-strike system for those not abiding to the pool rules:
1. First offence will warrant a verbal warning.
2. Second offence will warrant a ten-minute timeout.
3. Third offence will warrant removal from the facility for the remainder of the swim.
The decision of the lifeguard is Final

In an effort to maintain the cleanliness of the facility, the PRRA asks that ALL patrons please clean up their area before leaving the park. Additionally, we ask that personal belongings be placed in the lockers. Lockers are free to use for the day but you must supply your own lock. Locks can be purchased at the Splash Island Waterpark admission window.